Porcelain Tiles

There are two main types of porcelain tile, glazed and full-bodied (some times referred to as vitrified). The process for manufacturing glazed porcelain tiles is similar to that of glazed ceramic tiles. The main difference is the raw clay materials are of a higher quality and are processed more thoroughly. Full-bodied porcelains are manufactured primarily the same as the glazed porcelain counterpart; the difference is on the surface. As mentioned with a glazed product the colour or pattern is printed on to the surface of the tile and then covered with a glaze and fired. In the production of full-bodied tiles, the colour and or pattern runs through the tile from front to back. This is achieved by mixing the required pigments in to the powdered clay (body slip) prior to the powder being injected into the mould.

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Porcelain tiles are ideal for any finish, including walls and floors. Different grades are available for used internally and externally, and are an excellent choice for highly populated areas. The added advantage of choosing porcelain tiles is ironically the difficulty in choosing the right one for you as the range in colour and style is extensive. This assures you that you will be able to find a porcelain tile that suits you



Porcelain Tile Enquiry